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  • Welcome to Chaman Vatika

    Welcome to Chaman Vatika. School for the Genius. Read more

  • Sports

    All types of Indoor Outdoor games.Read more

  • Campus

    Full Airconditioned Campus in 27.5 acres.Read more

  • Buses

    11 Buses to cover all routes.Read more

  • Activities

    Activities. Read more

Why choose us ?


A very sound infrastructure makes Chaman Vatika, the best launch pad for future generation that is getting ready to be the part of the force of the country. More...

what experts say about us ?

CHAMAN VATIKA is essentially a child centred institution. The facilities and support provided at the institution match the best any where.  (Mr. F. Fanthome, Chief Executive & Secretary CISCE)    Read more

Lala Chaman Lal ji


School Motto: 

From Innocence to Knowledge




From Principal's Desk


The teachers and students have all set goals and are focused to achieve our desired success in every field of education. There has been a tremendous transition in our school in every sphere and aspect that relates to boarding life and education globally.

The addends to the curriculum were the Smart Assessment Systems, Research based Home Assignment, Projects based on interactive learning, Field trips based on enhancing- project work, Educational and Religious Visits, Film Documentary Club, Social Action Group, Eco Club, Editorial Board – Visiting and interviewing people who have spelled success globally, the Broad band service for Internet Surfing Campus- WIFI added new dimension to the Teaching Learning Process.


The Generation today has an array of technological based advancements at their disposal that makes life somewhat easy and places them in a comfort zone! However it is important to add that the key to success is to achieve goals all against odds and that’s where the element of discipline becomes indispensable we aspire to achieve as much we endeavour.


We must make every effort to showcase the human side, for the legacy of kindness and goodness must continue to benefit our coming generations.


In the world’s broad field to battle,

In the bivouac of life,

Be not like dumb, driven cattle!

Be a hero in the strife

                                   HENRY WADSWORTH.LONGFELLOW.




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