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It has been noticed that when the teacher is writing on the black board, the good students are concentrating on writing the same in their note books, while the weak ones are trying to create some mischief, because at that time  the back of the teacher is turned towards them. None of the students are concentrating on understanding what the teacher is teaching.

It has also been observed that those sitting at the back are at a disadvantage as compared to those students who are sitting in the front rows.

E.TECH Classes are designed to solve both the above problems. Using high tech equipment, every desk is provided with a computer monitor which is controlled by the master computer being operated by the teacher. So all the students are concentrating on the computer screens on their desk while the teacher is explaining to them the concept of their respective subjects using computer software and slides, already prepared by the teachers.

Using modern technology of software the animations are also used to make the subject more interesting and understandable.

Almost all the competitive entrance exams to different prestigious institutions and universities are based on multiple choice questions. Such questions help the universities or other professional institution to grade the students according to the understanding of the concepts of a subject.

It is not possible to give enough practice for such questions (for conceptual clearance) by paper work. It is not possible to print and distribute so many questions to all the students. It would be huge task. But the same practice is very easily possible on a computer. With the aid of computers lot of such practice can be given to the students. unless we adopt the use of modern technology in education also, we shall lag behind in our race to compete with the rest of the world. As always ‘Chaman Vatika’ is the first one to start this concept of teaching at the school level in India. We hope others will follow.

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