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In Chemistry Lab the students learn not only how to conduct an experiment but also how important precautionary measures can be. They learn better as they use multisensory technique. They understand the procedure, make observations, record, analyze and conclude thus practicing what they learn theoretically in the classroom through lectures.


Our school has a well-equipped Biology lab with latest audio-Visual aids. Here students conduct experiments and supplement their theoretical knowledge with practicals and explore their full potential.


Demos, experiments and practicals are carried out by the students over here. This lab also has a dark room for optic experiments. Students are guided and observed while they are at work in the lab.


Teaching a topic with the help of audio/video aids is a new level of understanding for students. Keeping this thing in mind, Chaman Vatika provided the facility of projection labs where teachers of various departments teach their subjects with the help of Computers. We have different kinds of Interactive software and CDs for this purpose. It helps the child to learn difficult concepts in easy and interesting way. Moreover, it is 'FUN WHILE LEARNING'

We have well equipped two computer labs with 62 computers running on LAN.
I Compute Lab-1, we have 30 computers. All are connected with each other. We have the facility of Internet for 24 hrs. Students are allowed to search information on net in their computer periods as well as they can check their mails also.
In Computer Lab-2, we have 32 Computers. All the latest software are centrally installed and can be shared. We have printers, scanner, webcam and speakers as well as headphones available in lab. This lab is also connected with Internet. Students visit computer labs to learn different-different software/Languages as well as access course materials, complete assignments, use emails and participate in online courses.


School runs a maths lab to make the learning of maths move innovative and easy. Students learn maths with most advanced techniques of audio – visual graphics and technically well – informed instructors make the class – room teaching a very interesting phenomenon. Students are encouraged to innovate logic induced practice to make maths an appealing subject. Students participation in developing new methodology and technique to solve complex mathematical problem has led to amazing performance in mathematical skill. It has changed the approach of the children towards the subject. They are more observant while studying the topics with the help of visual aids such as fractions, Tongrom tiles and tessellation etc.
Aids like play- cards. Ganit – mala, ‘Saat rang ki khoj etc. for ting tots are helping them learn the numbers. Addition and subtraction of single digit numbers, place values, decimal place value system, learning of table etc.
Geometry is related to our practical life. Students get through various geometrical shapes around them and they are able to make difference between 2D and 3D shapes clearly by experiencing them in lab and edges. Maths lab satisfy the needs of primary, middle as well as at Secondary level

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