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Global Persectives

CHAMAN VATIKA puts the world in each child s hand

The school seeks to raise the student s awareness of National and International affairs. We welcome visitors from all over the world and organise educational trips and tours to different parts of the globe. Our student body is a rainbow of different cultures. We celebrate our diversity, yet our roots are deeply embedded in the rich Indian heritage. Our children experience the real essence of Indian culture through enthusiastic celebration of the major festivals like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Gurupurab etc. and renew their pride in being an Indian on Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher s Day and Children s Day.

Co-curricular Activities

Education for life calls for building of character and personality; a sound value system; team spirit and co-operation; initiative, leadership and responsibility; fellowship & camaraderie and many more such life skills which are better learnt outside the classrooms, through well organized co-curricular activities. The rich and varied cultural life of the school brings freshness and enthusiasm and builds better rapport between the teachers & children. Students are encouraged to participate in a number of activities / competitions at the school and in other institutions where our children have won many accolades. Exhibitions are regularly organized to display the creative skills of our children.

Pre Nursery to Grade-II Cutting & Pasting, Paper Folding, Drawing & Painting, Paper Tearing & Pasting, Dramatization, Recitation of Rhymes with actions, Folk Dances, Indian & Western Music, Fancy Dress, Clay Modelling, Mask Making etc..Outdoor Activities: Group Games, Gardening and Water games.Grade III to V Dramatics (Hindi & English), Indian and Western Music & Dance, Poetry Recitation, Story Telling, Public Speaking, Elocution (English & Hindi), Quiz, Rakhi Making, Thali Decoration, Painting, Calligraphy, Flower Making etc.Outdoor Activities: Gardening & Nature walks etc.Grade VI onwards House Shows (Cultural Programmes), Dramatics (Hindi & English), Commercial Art, Dance (Indian), Doll and Tray Making, Science Club, Leather Work, Music (Instrumental & Vocal), Batik, Paper Craft, Sculpture, Photography, Public Speaking & Recitation (English & Hindi), Debating, GK and Quiz Club, Qawwali, Orchestra, Creative Writing (English), Creative & Handicraft Work, Cookery, Origami, Textile Designing & Ikebana, Journalism, Bulletin Board Displays, Indian States Tableau Presentation, Poster Designing, Rangoli, Street Plays, etc. Annual Day & Carnival - Every year Cultural Programmes, Fetes & Fun filled Games are organized as part of the Annual Celebrations. They are creatively designed, encouraging 100% participation of children and parents.

Children at CHAMAN VATIKA get to meet inspiring personalities like famous sports & media personalities, professionals and political leaders and others who have done exceptionally well in their fields. They are invited to the school and introduced to the students as role models. The students get a chance to interact with these icons, and through them, are encouraged to inculcate the desire to succeed, to mould their personalities and to emulate their life style and beliefs. The influence they have over students is very positive, life-long & spurs them to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Value Inculcation at CHAMAN VATIKA

Some of the important measures taken to empower the students with a sound value system are:-

Children are reassured to believe in themselves. They have a right to dignity and self-esteem. All care is taken to respect their self-esteem - so essential for respecting each child as an individual in his/her own right and loving others.

Students are encouraged to take initiative, be original, honest & work independently. If mistakes occur, they are guided to correction  gently  & not  critically . A very positive attitude towards "mistakes" in knowledge & conduct is maintained.

EDUCATIONAL TOURS-Beyond School Campus

We value academics performance at CHAMAN VATIKA, but we also value fun! Picnics, outings, package tours, study trips and educational tours are organized for the benefit of the students. Students also see plays, concerts, movies, and sports events in and around the school. Informal events such as pool parties, dinner at local restaurants and trips to common cultural events introduce the Dipsite to a multi-dimensional life outside the school. Beside picnics and excursion to places of historical interest and trips to hill stations, we provide a wide exposure to supplement what is taught in the classroom. Taking full advantage of the natural beauty of the area, Trekking, Camping, Fishing and Rafting Expeditions are organized with at least one major trip taken by all students every year. The importance of these outdoor and adventure activities cannot be undermined as they offer students the experience to face the hardships and challenges of life and also inculcate in them a spirit of adventure and love for wildlife and nature. Camps also provide a splendid opportunity for the teachers to get to know their children much better, through greater and personal interaction and to understand the other facets of their personalities, which are so difficult to observe in the classroom. Likewise, children also learn to communicate with each other and their teachers at a more informal level.

Yoga and Meditation

A regular period for each class is allocated in the Time Table for learning & practicing Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation to keep the body, mind and soul in perfect health

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