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Care at Chaman Vatika

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Care at CHAMAN VATIKA - Our Boarding House Services 

The primary concern of the residential staff is the security and comfort of our children. Each boarding house enjoys the assistance of efficient and caring support staff, including housekeepers, matrons, ayahs, laundry and maintenance staff, wardens, the principal & teachers who are residents of the campus. As far as possible, the boarders are housed together with others of the same age in bedrooms designed for four /eight students. Rooms are furnished with a bed, mattress, quilt, bed sheets, pillow, bed cover and bedside almirah.The 'Buddy' System is used for new boarders of the age 9-12 years. These children are allocated a 'Buddy' from their own year group, who will assist the new child in settling into the boarding house.

Weekends and Holidays 

Students are encouraged to stay over the weekend to take part in the various activities arranged, but they may have weekend exit, provided there is written permission from the parents, and the school is satisfied that there is a responsible adult in charge. Parents are encouraged to visit the students at weekends and on holidays, and to participate in their activities. The boarding houses are closed for Christmas, Easter, and summer holidays.

Faculty Accommodation 

The teachers of CHAMAN VATIKA willing to stay in the campus are provided separate accommodation.

The Buddy System 

The 'Buddy' System is used for new Boarders in which new students are allocated a ‘Buddy’ from their own peer group, who will assist the new child in settling into the boarding house. The peer-to-peer approach successfully addresses student doubts and worries in a non-threatening and friendly manner. Students are free to share feelings about their experiences in a candid, supportive atmosphere that provides an outlet and an open forum for expression. 

Other services available in the Hostel :- 

An electrical laundry is under operation, equipped with semi automatic industrial washing. Our laundry staff takes care of the collecting, washing, ironing and delivery system. 

Mending, button-stitching, altering of clothes/dresses are taken care of through the tailoring staff. 

Repairing of footwear is taken care of by the cobbler.




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